Addiction Treatment for FirefightersWhen it comes to careers which require strong coping skills, firefighters have one of the most stressful jobs in America. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for someone working as a firefighter to turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with the stress of their career. Drug-fueled coping is common among many people working as first responders.

For people with stressful professions, relapse is inherently high even after successful treatment. This is occasionally due to raised levels of corticosterone, a hormone released during stressful situations. Studies have found that raised levels of corticosterone in the brain’s reward center can greatly increase the potential for relapse.

If you are a firefighter who is struggling with addiction, receiving addiction treatment at a professional treatment center may be what you need. For many, receiving treatment can be what ultimately allows them to gain the tools they need to break free from their addiction.

How Does Addiction Treatment Help Firefighters?

Addiction treatment centers specializing in the treatment of first responders often have a much higher success rate of treating firefighters. These specialized centers have developed programs made for emergency personnel. By being able to relate to their treatment, first responders can begin to work on building the habits that will prevent further relapse.

What Types Of Programs Are Available To Firefighters In Addiction Treatment?

Many centers offer programs to first responders which will have their roots in evidence-based recovery. These methods often include a mixture of one-on-one treatment as well as peer group therapy. With this combination, emergency personnel can begin to mold their treatment to meet their specific needs.

These tactics may also be combined with different types of behavioral therapy methods. With behavioral therapy, emergency personnel can begin to challenge the harmful thought patterns about themselves that can lead to relapse after treatment. Finally, a 12-step program may be given to recovered addicts to help them stay sober in the future.

What Is The Best Way To Seek Treatment?

The best way for South Florida first responders to get started with their addiction treatment is to identify the treatment center that is right for them. Even among emergency personnel, specialized treatment may be required. For many individuals struggling with abuse, receiving treatment at a professional treatment center can be the determining factor in whether or not they stay sober.

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