How Do I Get Started?

Here at Station House, we make it our goal to make sure that your first phone call to us is the last one you’ll have to make to get the treatment you deserve. When you call, one of our admissions managers will conduct a pre-assessment which will determine care options for you or your loved one. We sincerely hope that Station House is a perfect fit for you, but if it isn’t, our admission managers will not stop until we’ve found another treatment center that works for you. To start your journey today, you can reach one of our admissions managers at 855-525-4357 .It takes a hero to ask for help.

From Start To Finish
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The Admissions Process


A pre-admissions assessment is conducted over the phone to give us basic information about you or your loved one. This helps us paint a clearer picture of the person seeking treatment. We will eventually need to speak to this person directly before moving forward with admission.


The second step in the admissions process is determining how you will be paying for treatment. We accept most insurance companies and work very quickly to determine what coverage you are eligible for. We also offer several self-pay options if you are unisured.

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Travel Arrangements

Determining how you will get here is the final step of admissions. Once you get here, Station House offers free pick-up from the airport, bus, or train station. Also, if you are local or live in a nearby area, we will pick you up for free as well. 

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We understand the challenges faced by first responders because WE ARE first responders.

free & confidential


free & confidential