The Importance of Family

At Station House we believe that the whole family’s involvement in a client’s treatment plays a huge role in their long term recovery. The client’s primary therapist will encourage family sessions, either in person, or through a video conference call. During these sessions, the family members are able to share with their loved one about how their addiction has affected them and their lives. It also gives the client a chance to express their feelings and perspectives to their family and show them how much they’ve progressed in treatment. Therapists will often schedule separate sessions with the family members and educate them on how to live and interact with someone in early recovery. First Responders are typically very family-oriented so getting their families involved in the process is very important in keeping them clean and sober.

Promises Made

Promises KEPT

Getting the Family Involved

Initial Contact

To give the family an idea of their loved one’s condition, the client’s primary therapists will contact them within the first 48 hours of treatment.

Family Education

Therapists educate families on the disease of addiction and give them information on local resources and support groups.

Weekly Sessions

Therapists incorporate families into weekly sessions, either in person, or through video conferencing if the family lives out of the area.

Aftercare Planning

We include the family in the client’s aftercare plan to help increase their chances of success.  A healthy family life is important to stay clean and sober.

We understand the challenges faced by first responders because WE ARE first responders.

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