Why Get the Family Involved?

  • Who knows our clients better than their families? Families can provide valuable insight and input pertinent to their loved one’s recovery
  • Past conflicts can be resolved and relationships can begin to heal
  • Allows the entire family to examine the classic roles that they played in the addiction process of their loved one.
  • Families are often invaluable to the successful aftercare plan of their loved ones and can offer the kind of encouragement and support that no one else can.
  • Family members are taught to recognize their own unhealthy tendencies like codependency and enabling and given guidance in correcting these behaviors.

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How Station House Includes The Family In Treatment

Client Check-In Call

Our clients are strongly encouraged to call their families when they arrive at treatment to let them know that they made it safely. This puts the family members’ minds at ease.

Therapist Call

The family will typically get a call from their loved one’s primary therapist within 48 hours to give them information on the client’s treatment plan and level of care.

Medical History

The therapist will also gather valuable information from the family to help give their loved one the best treatment possible. The client’s medical, educational, and family history will be discussed as well as the client’s personality traits.

Local Support Resources

Families are given information on local support groups in their area like Al-Anon, Alateen, and Nar-Anon which will give them a lot of insight on how the disease of addiction affects families.

Impact Letter

Every family member involved is strongly encouraged to write a letter to their loved one expressing how their lives were impacted by their addiction.

Video Conference

Whenever appropriate, family members may be included in therapy sessions either in person or via video conferencing if they are out of the area.

We understand the challenges faced by first responders because WE ARE first responders.


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free & confidential