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Steven Shapiro headshotSteven D. Shapiro
Senior Behavioral Health Technician
Station House Retreat

When I joined the fire department in 1996, I was battling alcoholism and drug addiction, but attempted to really make an effort to get sober, and did so for a few years. I was quickly promoted in rank, and trained by the best in extradition procedures. My company called me “Jaws”.

I loved being a firefighter, but the reality of the alcoholism and addiction was too powerful for me to do alone. I was not participating in any 12 step program and eventually relapsed, got sober, relapsed…..the same old story. I managed to put together about ten months of sobriety until September 11, 2001.

Our fire department was the first rescue squad on scene from Connecticut on that horrific morning. We were on “the pile” for a little over two weeks. After passing the psych evaluation, I was off to the races drinking myself into oblivion. In November of 2002, I retired after driving an engine full of water to a fire (alone and drunk) and almost tipping it over on a carload of children. For a long time, I suffered from post traumatic stress and trauma from 9/11 and all the sights and sounds that we all go through in our profession.

Today, I am sober and loving life to the fullest! I can still hear the sound of hundreds of PASS alarms going off under “the pile,” but I have the tools to deal with them today. My sobriety date is February 3, 2004. I have not found it necessary to pick up a drink or drug since that day.

Steven is a retired firefighter lieutenant from Connecticut.

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