Introducing Our Partner in Aftercare Support: MAP Recovery Support

As the country’s top provider of relapse prevention and aftercare support, MAP Recovery Support helps our clients and their families in achieving long-term recovery. The MAP program works on many levels and incorporates expertly trained Recovery Support Specialists with cutting edge software technology to deliver amazing long-term recovery support. MAP has revolutionized the aftercare experience by utilizing their data driven technology and combining it with personal support to create amazing outcomes for our clients. Features of the MAP program include:

12 months of aftercare support for all Station House clients
Recovery Support Specialists work with clients and families to encourage and promote a healthy recovery program.
Using independent outcome data, MAP is able to detect warning signs of a relapse and will involve Station House if the client is showing signs of relapsing.

MAP Outcome


Benefits of the MAP Program

For the Client

  • Assists the client in transitioning back to everyday life with the goal of achieving long-term recovery.
  • Client forms a close relationship with their own personal Recovery Support Specialist for the first 12 months after treatment.

For the Family

  • Families are able to work through their issues with enabling and codependency with a MAP specialist
  • Family receives regular progress reports on their loved ones from an addictions professional.

For Both

  • A mediator between the client and their family
  • Classic signs of relapse and enabling can be recognized and intervened
  • MAP offers immediate support and an action plan in the unfortunate event that a client relapses.
  • Teaches healthy communication techniques for families
  • Encourages and promotes building a strong 12-step recovery program through meeting attendance, getting a sponsor, and working steps.
  • The client and their family has access to personal support with their assigned MAP Specialist.

About the MAP Program

Why the MAP Program?

  • Recovery from addiction is a lifelong process that requires far more than willpower alone. The MAP program offers the ongoing support, structure and maintenance that every strong recovery program needs. We’ve identified and focus on the behaviors that typically lead to relapse and provide the client with caring and informed support if the client starts to display these behaviors so they can make the changes necessary to avoid going back to a life of using.
  • We help the clients and the families recognize the behaviors that lead to relapse and offer help and support in changing these behaviors. Every MAP Specialist is a person in recovery as well, which provides the client and families with a mentor with the experience, wisdom and insight to help with the challenges of early recovery.
  • MAP’s goal is simple: To assist clients and families with the transition to everyday life after treatment.

MAP Peer Support

  • Your own personal MAP Peer Recovery Support Specialist will be assigned to you to offer help and support during your first year of recovery through weekly phone calls or video chats. Each specialist has at least 3 years of their own personal recovery and they know exactly what you’re going through. They will be a strong sober support who believes in you and wants to see you achieve your goals.
  • The primary goal of your MAP Specialist is to be a go-to sober support and to pick up on any of the warning signs that lead to relapse. They will offer suggestions and ways you can change your behavior before the relapse happens. Having strong aftercare support gives our clients a much higher chance of staying clean and sober, and having solid sober supports with people in long-term recovery is a valuable asset to have. Quite simply, we’re here to show you the way to a new way of life without drugs and alcohol.

Who are the MAP specialists?

  • Every MAP Peer Recovery Support Specialist has at least 3 years of solid recovery from substance abuse.
  • The interview process for our Specialists is a rigorous and in-depth process which includes an extensive background check and a detailed analysis of their personal recovery process.
  • All MAP Support Specialists are Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialists.

About MAP Recovery Support

Adding The MAP Program

  • Improves your outcomes by supporting both your alumni and their families through the first year of recovery
  • Gives you detailed outcome data on your program through standardized monthly Executive Reports
  • Provides real-time information about relapsing alumni and facilitates re-admissions into your center
  • Enhances your admissions and marketing message by extending your services by 12 months
  • Maintains your treatment message

Let MAP show you the way

  • The MAP Program is here because tackling addiction requires more than just willpower; it’s a continuous process of support, maintenance, and structure. Our focus is on identifying behaviors that can lead to relapse and providing informed, compassionate support, so clients can make the changes necessary to prevent a return to the desperate life of using and its consequences.
  • The MAP Program is unlike any other recovery support program in existence today. We will work with your clients and their family to identify relapse behaviors and provide the support needed. Clients will work with their own personal MAP Specialist who’s been there. Equipped with the insight, wisdom, and training to help you navigate the difficult stages of early recovery.
  • Our goal is to help your client and family transition to a balanced, healthy life.

MAP peer recovery support

  • You will be partnered with a MAP Peer Recovery Support Specialist to help guide and support you on your journey of recovery through weekly phone/live video sessions. The Peer Recovery Support Specialists are all 3+ years into their own long-term recovery. They understand what you are you going through, and strongly believe that you can achieve long-term recovery.
  • Your Peer Recovery Support Specialist’s primary goal is to support your recovery and to watch for early signs of a relapse, so they can help you correct your behavior prior to a slip. Post-treatment support greatly improves the odds of staying sober, and an ongoing relationship with someone in long-term recovery is a powerful resource. Let us help you learn to navigate your new, clean and sober life.

Who are the MAP specialists?

  • Each Specialist is in solid, long-term recovery from substance abuse with a minimum of 3 years of sobriety.
  • Specialists undergo a rigorous interview process, including background checks and in-depth analysis of their own personal recovery.
  • MAP Specialists are Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialists.

We understand the challenges faced by first responders because WE ARE first responders.

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