Peer groups have the ability to give our clients certain benefits of both group and individual therapy in one setting. Station House offers specialized peer groups in many areas and we have found many benefits in making this a central focus of our treatment program. These benefits include:

  • Clients find it easier to respect and relate with one another
  • Each group is assigned with a therapist specialized in that field
  • Group processing is much more relevant to all group members.

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About Station House

Station House Retreat is a drug and alcohol treatment center that is exclusively designed to help police officers, EMT professionals, firefighters, and other first responders get the treatment they need and deserve. The brave men and women who work in this field selflessly put their lives on the line for perfect strangers on a daily basis and often times, they’re forced to witness horrific tragedies. Many of them find that their only escape from their trauma is through drugs and alcohol and quite often, the services that they deserve are not offered to them or looked down upon. It’s very hard for these heroes to find the help they need in a traditional rehab facility and that’s the reason we’re here. We try to instill in our clients that it takes an immense amount of bravery to ask for help and by doing so, they become even bigger heroes to their families and, most importantly, themselves.

We understand the challenges faced by first responders because WE ARE first responders.

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free & confidential