To Bring, Or Not To Bring?

Upon your arrival, a member of our medical team will examine you and inspect your belongings. This is done for the protection of our clients to keep drugs and contraband from entering our facility. Each room has an in-room safe for clients to store their valuables. You will also have the option of storing your valuables in a safe at the main facility.

What to Bring


Two weeks-worth of clothing
Casual and relaxed clothing like jeans, casual slacks, sports shirts, t-shirts, and activewear (Clothing promoting drugs, alcohol, sex, violence, gambling, or anything the staff deems as inappropriate is not allowed)

Swimwear, sportswear, open shirts etc. are allowed only for recreational and fitness activities and are considered inappropriate for therapy, meals or meetings.

We recommend closed-toed shoes.

Insurance card and identification (driver’s license or state-­issued ID).

Cigarettes and other tobacco products (please bring your own)

Appropriate reading material. All books are subject for review by the clinical team.

What to Not Bring


Any non-prescription or over-the-counter medications (Ibuprofen, Tylenol, etc.)
Razor blades, knives, straight razors, metal hairpieces, crochet hooks, or knitting needles
Any aerosol product
Any product with an alcohol content like perfumes and colognes, mouthwash, aftershave, facial toner, and some scented lotions.
Any illegal or mind/mood altering drugs or substances.

Firearms and/or weapons.

Any clothing that depicts or promotes alcohol, drugs, violence, gambling, sex, or anything else that our staff deems as inappropriate.

We understand the challenges faced by first responders because WE ARE first responders.

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free & confidential